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Customers Deals. Tasks. Telephony. Interactive catalog. Document flow. Analytics. Statistics. Reporting: The unified flight management system of your sales team

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Applications. Deals. Customers Funnels. History

Record all customer requests in a single system, automatically create deals, build funnels and stages of sales, get access to the entire history of touching you and your customers. Call, write, send SMS to the client directly from CRM. Build cool customer communication

CRM for the developer. Deals
CRM for the developer. Tasks

Tasks and notifications

21st century, Karl! Enough to write in a notebook! Build task lists, launch joint projects, schedule appointments, plan and record the date of calls. Set up a system of important notifications for any services convenient for you. Get a complete understanding of your sales force

Chess. Reservation System

“Now I’ll clarify and call you back” – they forgot.
All relevant information on all objects, on all types of premises, on all reservations is available directly and CRM. Sell real estate quickly, efficiently and schedule impressions on your first call

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thefloors widget

Work inside the company

Launch collaborative projects. Assign and guide the planning meetings. Communicate within deals. Interact between departments using chats, internal telephony, video conferencing


It’s never been easier than setting up telephony now. Record all calls by automatically creating leads, convert them to contacts, and then to transactions using a simple and intuitive interface. Call tracking allows you to implement the following: all calls from advertising campaigns will be transformed into detailed statistics and analytics for you and your marketer. Evaluate the quality of work of sales managers and improve conversation scripts, thanks to the ability to listen to recordings of phone calls. Connect all your departments and employees using a closed internal telephone network

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All companies have a rather large volume of documents that are repeated day after day, which must be signed, agreed, filled out. In our opinion, given the availability of technology today, things like concluding contracts, preparing documents for putting sections into operation, arranging vacations for employees, etc. can be automated.

Sales Statistics and Reports

CRM on that and CRM. The system itself will collect for you and create beautiful graphics that everyone dreams of. Set up reports according to criteria that are important to you and generate them at any convenient time, monitor sales not at the end of the quarter, but at the end of the day. Take control in real time of all the indicators of your company that interest you

thefloors & bitrix24
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End-to-end analytics

And then about the money. Whom to pay? Google or Facebook? Everyone understands the number of clicks to the site, but what does this ultimately give? End-to-end analytics captures all calls, requests, transitions and saves the source in all essential CRM – leads, contacts, deals. As a result, the system generates understandable analytical reports, which will give you a clear idea of the “good” or “bad” advertising sources and campaigns. The effectiveness of your marketing department will be clear to everyone, not just marketers

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